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Home bedding: our specialty

Finding the best bedspreads and quilts is our specialty, and the choice is so vast that it can be difficult to find your way around!

When it comes to bed linen, it is easy to choose a model for its colors or its finishes, but not for the quality of the fabric. How to appreciate the quality of the bed linen to better choose it? To perfect the decoration of the room, you can decorate the bed with a throw.

What quilt fabrics to choose

Cotton is a vegetable fiber that has been used for more than 700 years to make lightweight clothing. Appreciated for its natural softness and suppleness, cotton is now the leading textile fiber used in the world, both in ready-to-wear and household linen. Absorbent, hypoallergenic and healthy, cotton breathes which makes it soft and comfortable. This resistant fiber is also very easy to live with! There are several ways to work cotton into bedding. The quality of the fabric will depend on the thickness of the thread used during weaving as well as the number of threads per square centimeter. The higher the thread count, the more comfortable the fabric will be.

For each of the sets we select, the patterns are studied by our stylists. As a general rule, the designs are adapted to the different elements of the set. The main design is found on the square pillowcase and on the front of the comforter cover. For the rectangular pillowcase, bolster, fitted sheet and the back of the comforter cover, another pattern called the coordinating pattern is used. It can be the same pattern in a smaller size, or in a matching color scheme, or it can be a completely different pattern: in the latter case, the comforter cover is reversible and you get 2 patterns!

A placed pattern means that the design is always placed in the same place (as opposed to a “continuous” print). On a pillowcase for example, the placed pattern guarantees you 2 strictly identical pillowcases.