How quilts work

The principle of the quilt is to produce heat. This is ensured by the filling, which can be in down and natural feathers or in polyester. It thus ensures a thermoregulation, which maintains our body at good temperature, often without supplement of an external heating.

The weight plays an important role in the diffusion of heat. Natural materials, such as down or feathers, have a natural role of regulation, now very well imitated by synthetic materials specially adapted.

Bedspread benefits

The quilt is often considered the best solution for those who seek natural warmth while sleeping. Its all-in-one format – fabric with a filling – makes it a practical bedspread: no need to wrap it in a cover. It can be used on all types of beds, whether for adults or children and regardless of the size of the bed.

Lighter and less bulky than a comforter, it also has the advantage of adding a decorative touch to your bedroom. It can also be found in the baby’s room, placed on the floor, to be used as a resting or awakening bed.

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